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9/2/19 to 9/8/19 Avoiding Dorian, we stayed in Florida but headed west to Laguna Beach, then traveled
down to Orlando for a few days, seeing family and birding St. Mark's NWR, Conservation Park, and also
checking out Apopka Wildlife Drive.  Had wonderful weather and were so thankful to find that our island
was spared any damage on our return!    To go back in time, CLICK on NEXT PAGE below!
9/8/19 Orlando, FL:  Our last day of travel allowed us some good looks at a Common Gallinule family and
various individuals.  While indeed common, they are still strikingly beautiful birds...and good parents!
9/8/19 Orlando, FL:  We also caught White Ibis chowing goodies, Common Grackle (juv. male), Green
Heron , Little Blue Heron (ad.,juv.), Least Bittern , Tricolored Heron among the lotus, Snowy Egret , Purple
Gallinule , and Osprey .
9/8/19 Orlando, FL:  Also:  Anhinga , Belted Kingfisher , Black-crowned Night-Heron , a Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher pair , and Blue-winged Teal flock in flight.   Sunrise back at Amelia Island.