We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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8/26/19  Hunting Island SP, SC:  Brief stop on the way back home.  We came looking for Brown-headed
Nuthatches and found the little guys immediately.  Love this place!  Also:  Eastern Bluebird (f) eating a
cicada almost bigger than she was, Carolina Chickadee , Downy Woodpecker , Northern Cardinal (f),
juvenile Pine Warbler , and juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker with dad.
8/9/19 North on route 93, NV:  A few more pics of the same Swainson's Hawk and Sage Thrasher .  Also: a
distant Loggerhead Shrike of which we saw many.  Click on NEXT PAGE below for more of that NV trip.
8/20/19 Donnelley WMA, SC:  During our brief stop at the area, we must have counted 60-70 Eastern
Wood-Pewee individuals.  Also, Red-headed Woodpecker.  There were lots of other birds and many
8/26/19  Hunting Island SP, SC:  A Willet study as it hunted around driftwood in interesting light.