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7/30 to 8/9/19  We headed out west to Colorado, then Nevada and Idaho.  After having fun with family
members, we made for the mountains, prairies, and canyons.  Two goal birds were the Himalayan
Snowcock (We photographed as a speck miles away) and the Cassia Crossbill (We caught them rather
high in the trees).  Along the way, we saw many other birds, meteor showers, and amazing wild flowers.
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8/7/19 Sawtooth NF, ID:  Unfortunately the weather was rainy and the skies were dark BUT we would hear
the Cassia Crossbill flock as they came and vanished into the trees.  They are apparently very quiet while
they feed, which we were fortunate to see!  (Lighting was horrible, however.)  Also: Hairy Woodpecker,
Red-tailed Hawk, Red-naped Sapsucker , Olive-sided Flycatcher , juvenile Ruby-crowned Kinglet , and a
Violet-green Swallow flock resting with young.
8/8/19 Sawtooth NF, ID:  We thought the weather would be better for the crossbills (See bottom of this
page) than 8/7, but it was pouring instead!  We settle for gorgeous eye-level hummingbirds and ended up
drenched but happy:  Rufous Hummingbird , Yellow Warbler , Western Wood-Pewee , Broad-tailed
Hummingbird ,  a soaked Red-naped Sapsucker attempting to dry out , then a Black-chinned Hummingbird
taking a bath in the rain, and finally a little female BCHU just for memory's sake.  It was grand to see them
all and they didn't mind the rain at all.
8/9/19 North on route 93, NV:  On the road back to Las Vegas, we caught a couple birds in decent light:
Swainson's Hawk , Kildeer , and Sage Thrasher .