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7/14/2017 :  Central Florida:  We saw the vagrant Fork-tailed Flycatcher (female or immature) that was
hanging around but the bird sure loved its ugly wire for close photos.   
7/14/2017 : Central Florida:  A day trip to see the vagrant Fork-tailed Flycatcher that was hanging around
was successful but the bird really preferred the ugly wire as a close perch (see below).   
On the other hand, Osprey individuals were fishing and giving us great looks doing what they do best!
7/14/2017 :  Central Florida:  Another treat was a Swallow-tailed Kite flock of over a hundred with a few
Mississippi Kite individuals joining them.  Also, a Common Gallinule (Common Moorhen) chick was being
fed by its parent as they made their way over the wetlands.
7/14/2017 :  Central Florida:  Also: White Ibis , juvenile Great Blue Heron , Black-crowned Night-Heron ,
juvenile Little Blue Heron in transition plumage , and Great Egret .
8/2/2017 : Near Amelia Island, Florida:  Had some fun watching the Royal Tern colony.  Also: a juvenile
Greater Black-backed Gull and Brown Pelican .  Do we have gorgeous sunrises around here?