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6/2/2017 thru 6/20/17 We traveled around Alaska! After a brief stop in Anchorage, we flew to Adak Island in
the Aleutian chain where we met up with John of Zungunruhe Birding Tours and had a great pelagic trip (3
albatross species!).  Thanks, John and the crew of the Puk uk!  Then it was on to Barrow (phalaropes and
eiders!), Nome (Bristle-thighed Curlew and Golden Eagle nest!), and finally out to the nesting cliffs of St
Paul Island (Red-legged Kittiwake and puffins AND where we ran into a herd of 200 reindeer).

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6/18 thru 6/20/2017 : Our last three days were spent on St. Paul's Island, Alaska:  We sure had fun here!  
Besides Horned Puffin (Click on  NEXT PAGE below for Horned Puffin), we also caught Tufted Puffin on the
cliffs and here is a study.  Both puffins had quite amazing facial features.
6/18 thru 6/20/2017: St. Paul's Island, Alaska:  Parakeet Auklet study.  These were some of the more
interactive birds and were so much fun to watch.  Also a Pelagic Cormorant and with Red-faced Cormorant.
6/18 thru 6/20/2017: St. Paul's Island, Alaska:  A couple of Rock Sandpiper individuals decided to take baths
by us!