We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
11/27+28/2010 After heading out to Fisherman island, VA (see next page), we stopped at Chincoteague
NWR, VA: It was very cool when 3 Greater Scaup (f) along with a (juv or f) Bufflehead joined a Ruddy Duck
flock who was showing off for the camera.  Green-winged Teal are shown (m&f), as are a Great Blue
Heron , a Great Egret , and a Northern Pintail couple who showed up along with a Northern Shoveler
pair.  There's the Ruddy Duck study, a Mallard in half breeding plumage, a Snow Goose flock taking flight,
and a Tundra Swan family.
12/11-17 Bitter cold outside here in DE - but hey - birders just bundle up a bit more - right?  However,
light wasn't terrific for photography until we caught some sun at the end of the week.  Shown: a
White-throated Sparrow study, a Song Sparrow , and Dark-eyed Junco along with a couple of shots from
Bombay Hook in the mist: A Great Blue Heron and a Green-winged Teal (m).
12/18/10 Spent the day in NJ, Barnegat and Brigantine: A study of a Virginia Rail and a Purple Sandpiper -
very cool!  A Common Loon wasn't bothered by the cold tho the American Coot flock was on the road due
to the ice.  Also shown: Northern Harrier (m,f), Yellow-rumped Warbler , Hooded Merganser (m), Brant ,
Ruddy Turnstone , and Herring Gull.