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6/1/20 to 6/5/20 Various locations in Nassau County, FL:  We have had the privilege of seeing many
cuckoos this year.  This Yellow-billed Cuckoo was catching caterpillars above the trail.   Then: a
Red-headed Woodpecker sunning itself, a Red-bellied Woodpecker , and a female Pileated Woodpecker
study.  A juvenile Bachman's Sparrow  was curious about us but the adult was more skittish.  Also: a
Tufted Titmouse , Brown Thrasher , Brown-headed Nuthatch , and Acadian Flycatcher .
5/30/20 Amelia Island, FL:  A fantastic male Orchard Oriole gave us a song on a beautiful morning while a
Mourning Dove pair was attempting to nest in a rather awkward spot.  It was interesting to watch them
infuse the incoming nest material and form the nest.  We hope they are successful!
6/8/20  Amelia Island, FL:  Our Ruby-throated Hummingbird nest had two chicks in it.  The angle was
difficult since the nest was so high, but it was wonderful to see them thriving!