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4/6/2018 :  Las Vegas, NV:  Redhead and a Ruddy Duck study.  The light and reflections were fantastic and
the birds came close, feeding at an open slough.
4/6/2018 :  Las Vegas, NV:  The light was brilliant on these hungry Yellow-rumped Warblers (Audubon's).
4/6-12/2018 :  Las Vegas, NV and Denver, CO:  A visit to family members living in Las Vegas and Denver
allowed for some birding.  Click NEXT PAGE below for more pics from NV!
4/8/2018 :  Las Vegas, NV:  Near Mount Charleston, two Pygmy Nuthatches were busy excavating a nest.
Also: Lucy's Warbler , Say's Phoebe , Canada Goose youngsters, Greater Roadrunner , Black Phoebe ,
Great-tailed Grackle , Hairy Woodpecker , and Spotted Towhee .