We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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2/3/2018 :  Amelia Island, FL (and a brief look-see at Altamaha WMA, GA - where we have never seen birds
so petrified of people.  Everything vanished on our arrival.  They are obviously getting shot at around
that area.) :  We saw Eastern Bluebird , Wilson's Snipe , White Pelican , Turkey Vulture , Northern
Mockingbird , Kildeer , and Yellow-rumped Warbler .
2/3/2018 :  Amelia Island, FL:  A Cedar Waxwing flock was feeding on berries along the Green Way with
some American Robins.   They were beautiful!  Also shown: Black -and-white Warbler (m), Downy
Woodpecker , and Eurasian-collared Dove .
2/23/2018 :  Harris Neck NWR, GA:  Had to escape our house project!  An Anhinga pair was sitting out on
some weathered wood looking pretty.  Also: Black-crowned Night-Heron , Blue-gray Gnatcatcher ,
Carolina Chickadee , Downy Woodpecker , Yellow-rumped Warbler , Great Egret , Wood Stork , Turkey
Vulture , and some Greater Yellowlegs along with some Lesser Yellowlegs .  Gorgeous day!