We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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11/19/2017 :  We caught a few more pics in Trinidad:  We had a little photo fest with a Violaceous Euphonia
pair.  Also:  Green Honeycreeper (f), White-chested Emerald , Silver-beaked Tanager , and a little female
Blue-chinned Sapphire .  Click on NEXT PAGE below to go back in time.
11/19/2017 :  We caught a few more pics in Trinidad and then transferred on to Tobago. The island of
Tobago was beautiful as well.  The Trinidad Mot Mot was much easier to see in Tobago for us.  Also:
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron,  Yellow-headed Caracara (juv and ad) and male and juvenile Magnificent
Frigatebird .
11/20/2017 :  A wonderful day touring with our guide Newton George on Tobago.  Thanks, Newton!  (We
do an evening of hummingbirds and Nightjars later with him.)  Common Potoo (so cool to see-
unfortunately backlit), Blue-backed Manakin , Cocoa Woodcreeper , Barred Antshrike , Red-crowned
Woodpecker pair, Orange-winged Parrot , Olivaceous Woodcreeper (silo), House Wren , Green-rumped
Parrotlet , Golden-olive Woodpecker , Fuscous Flycatcher , distant Giant Cowbird, Brown-crested
Flycatcher , Scrub Greenlet , and White-fringed Antwren (f+m).