We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
5/19/12 More birds seen in CO:  A Vesper's Sparrow , a Swainson's Hawk , a Western Kingbird , a
Violet-green Swallow , a White Pelican , a Flock of Wilson Phalaropes , and a Yellow-headed Blackbird .  
Cliff Swallows were migrating  - what a sight!  A pair of Brewer's Blackbirds showed up while a flock of
Barn Swallows were skimming the lake for bugs.  Also shown: a Browned-headed Cowbird and a
Black-billed Magpie with a mangled snake.
5/12 - 19/12 Colorado and Florida:  Visiting family in CO, we were able to do some birding out west.  
Shown: Lark Bunting (m+f), House Wren , Western Meadowlark , American Dipper , Lark Sparrow ,
Red-winged Blackbird , Red-tailed Hawk , Steller's Jay .
5/12 - 19/12 Some birds seen in FL and Mountain Bluebirds seen in CO: Tricolored Heron , Roseate
Spoonbill , Little Blue Heron , Red-winged Blackbird , Mourning Dove , Mountain Bluebird , White Ibis ,
Kildeer , Green Heron , Greater Yellowlegs , Great Egret , Great Blue Heron , Common Grackle , and a
Black-necked stilt chick .