We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
10/30/2011 Bombay Hook, DE :  We were down during the storm and noticed the American Avocets were
feeding close to the road. We came back the next morning when it was brilliant out and they were still
there.  Also: a Ruby-crowned Kinglet , a Northern Pintail (f), a Canada Goose flock and a Snow Goose
flock (with some blue geese in the batch) and a Yellow-rumped Warbler break-dancing before migration?
11/5/2011 We wandered some of the sites in Northern Delaware and caught a Swamp Sparrow , a
Ruby-crowned Kinglet , and an Orange-crowned Warbler.  A classic Red-tailed Hawk soared by while an
American Robin flock were trying to eat berries.  A Carolina Chickadee stopped by to investigate US.
11/9/2011 A few more pics from the week:  Downy Woodpecker , Fox Sparrow , Orange-crowned Warbler,
and White-throated Sparrow!
11/12/2011 A quick trip down towards Bombay Hook NWR, DE yielded an amazing sight of a male Northern
Harrier who hunted, ate, and preened for us!  Beautiful creature!
11/19/2011 A trip to NC took us by Assateague Island and various NWR in NC: Sharp-shinned Hawk , Belted
Kingfisher , Great Egret , Osprey , Mallard , Double-crested Cormorant , and Pied-billed Grebe .