We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
6/2+6/11 Early morning around Hockessin, DE:  Eastern Bluebird , Cedar Waxwing , Orchard Oriole nest,
Mourning Dove , House Finch , Tree Swallow , Gray Catbird , and American Goldfinch.
6/8/11 Had to head to Maryland to see how the Bald Eagle triplets were doing.  Everyone (including the
photographers) were hot!  The youngsters were flexing their wings and trying for some shade.
6/18-25/11 Trip to Singapore with a few Days in Malaysia!  Here is a just a little taste of fantastic Singapore
with a great big thanks to Kim Seng Lim - a phenomenal guide/author/naturalist with an amazing ear for
bird calls who showed us the exotic beauty to be seen!  Shown: Oriental Pied Hornbill* study ,
White-bellied Sea Eagle , Pacific Swallow family , Brown-throated Sunbird (m), Olive-backed Sunbird (m),
Little Bronze Cuckoo (m), a very rare Green Imperial Pigeon*, Great-billed Heron* , Common Iora , a bird
from East Africa: Golden-backed Weaver , Crimson Sunbird (m and juv) , Baya Weaver and a rare
Mangrove Blue-flycatcher* (taken at 1/30th sec!).   *Threatened
6/9/11 Sharp-shinned Hawk hanging around our neighborhood.