We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
4/26-28/11 We found ourselves in the middle of the midwest storms as we tried to bird Magee Marsh,
Ohio.  In spite of the wind and rain at times, the sun did shine -  proof once again that if we aren't outside,
we are missing everything.  Amazingly, a Scarlet Tanager was avoiding the high winds and almost hopped
on the camera! Shown here:  Chestnut-sided Warbler , Cerulean Warbler , a Canada Goose gosling trying
to stay low, Blue-winged Warbler , Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , Black-and-white Warbler , Black-throated
Green Warbler , Hermit Thrush , Pine Warbler , Eastern Phoebe , and a Northern Parula !
4/26-28/11 Magee Marsh area, Ohio/ Pt. Pelee, Canada:  Yellow Warbler , Yellow-throated Warbler ,
Yellow-rumped Warbler , White-throated Sparrow , Warbling Vireo , Tree Swallow , Tennessee Warbler ,
Sora , a fascinating interaction between Ruby-crowned Kinglets took place, and a Rose-breasted
Grosbeak flock showed up.  Also shown: Palm Warbler , Orange-crowned Warbler , and Nashville Warbler .
It was astonishing to see the variety and how close the birds came!  More on Pt. Pelee coming soon.
5/14-24/2011 Camera is being fixed and cleaned.  With all the rain, seemed like a good time anyway!