We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
4/2/11 Bombay Hook NWR, DE A Wilson's Snipe Study - they were enjoying worms in the sun!
4/2/11 Bombay Hook, DE :  A pleasant day at the Hook.  A Ring-necked Duck flock was interacting and
dressed in its finest.  Also, a Pied-billed Grebe showed up, a beautiful Blue-winged Teal male hurried by
while a Lesser Yellowlegs and a Wilson's Snipe appeared in the same image, competing for a camouflage
award.  A Greater Yellowlegs is also shown with a surprised-looking Northern Shoveler.  A Common
Merganser flock was more distant but also interacting in spring fashion as a Red-winged Blackbird sang
at sunrise and an American Coot flock fed on tasty slime.
4/3/11 Bombay Hook NWR, DE: What a difference a day makes. While we did see some snipe, many had
vanished.  Shown: White-crowned Sparrow , Eurasian x Am. Green-winged Teal (Thanks Frank!), Tree
Swallow, White-throated Sparrow, Northern Shoveler , artsy Greater Yellowlegs at sunrise, Field Sparrow ,
Dark-eyed Junco , Black-crowned Night-Heron , Northern Screech Owl (we saw 4 peeking out of their
boxes, sunning).
3/21/11 A few misc. images of a Red-winged Blackbird and a singing Song Sparrow.