We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
3/10-12/11 Denver, CO: A relative's operation went well and we were able to explore most mornings.  In
and around Denver and the close mountains: Found two Great Horned Owl nests (see next page for
more photos.  Also, we were able to study a Mountain Chickadee and the various populations of the
Dark-eyed Junco .
3/16/11 Spent a few hours at Conowingo Dam, MD among 150 plus Black Vultures.  Very cool creatures!  
They were interacting, pecking at each other, nudging each other, and flying about.  A mating thing?  
Couldn't rightly tell; though it seemed the youngsters were causing most of the ruckus.  Fascinating to
watch.  Also, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a Song Sparrow in spring mode!  
3/19/11 We caught moon set, sunrise, sunset, AND moon rise on a day when the moon was the biggest
and brightest it will be for 20+ years.  Bombay Hook NWR and Rt 9 area, DE, had plenty of waterfowl in the
way of a Northern Shoveler flock interacting (males getting feisty with each other), a Tundra Swan pair
(and a flock in flight), a Tree Swallow pair (the begging begins), a Greater Scaup , a Green-winged Teal , a
Ring-necked Duck flock (males showing great interest in the female), a Northern Harrier , an Osprey with
a fish, an all  female Red-winged Blackbird flock that put on a show before sunset, and a Red-tailed Hawk
kiting over the fields.  Weather was fabulous!