We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
11/13/10 After Conowingo, MD where we saw the amazing Golden-crowned Kinglet interaction (see next
Page), we headed down to Indian River Inlet, DE and returned via Silver Lake.  Excuse the off-topic surf
and wave pictures but we thought they were worth the trip!  Since the light was fading, we took the
opportunity to take some flight pics of Herring Gull (s), a Ring-billed Gull, and a Greater Black-backed Gull
along with a Double-crested Cormorant .  We also caught an apparent Black Duck/ Mallard Hybrid on
Silver Lake.  We saw all three Scoters at Indian River but the surf was so rough, they were staying
beyond the surfers.   
11/5-10/10 We were in CO and caught some pics of a Gray Jay , an American Dipper , an American Magpie ,
a White Pelican flock , a House Finch flock in berries, a Red-tailed Hawk who was quite unperturbed with
us, and a Black-capped Chickadee also feasting on berries.  Along with these sights were so many others
that we had to indulge in a little artsy photography.  The trails left us breathless! (pun intended...)  See
NEXT PAGE for more from CO and more American Dippers.
11/2010 Some shots around fair Delaware:  Northern Harrier , Red-breasted nuthatch , Chipping Sparrow
(imm.), Ruby-crowned Kinglet , American Goldfinch with a mouthful of seeds and a Common Grackle ,
Red-tailed Hawk , Mallard , Northern Shoveler (f), Northern Pintail (f), American Robin , Black Duck , Ruddy
Duck (m, still showing blue on bill), Ruddy Turnstone eating mussels,  and finally, a Song Sparrow  and an
imm. White-crowned Sparrow.