We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
9/5/10 Birding Hockessin, Ashland, and Bellevue, DE, we came across a Cape May Warbler , a
Black-throated Green Warbler catching breakfast, a Magnolia Warbler , an American Redstart family, a
young Ruby-throated Hummingbird who was begging from the American Goldfinch parents who were
feeding their young (at the end) and a European Starling eating berries along with a Downy Woodpecker.
A Rose-breasted Grosbeak showed up along with a shy Song Sparrow and a not-so-shy Indigo bunting
stretching and begging. Butterflies were EVERYWHERE!
9/10/10 Birding Magee Marsh, OH : Wilson's Warbler , Black-and-White Warbler , Swainson's Thrush ,
Blackpoll Warbler , Gray-cheeked Thrush , Ruby-throated Hummingbird , Ruby-crowned Kinglet ,
Chestnut-sided Warbler, Red-tailed Hawk , Red-eyed Vireo , Red-breasted Nuthatch , a Palm Warbler study,
Northern Parula , Magnolia Warbler , Eastern Wood-Pewee , Lincoln Sparrow ,  Black-throated Green
Warbler , Black-throated Blue Warbler (m+f), a Black-capped Chickadee , and a Common Yellowthroat and
a Downy Woodpecker . Wheeeew - amazingly fun!