We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
4/26-29/10 Got to visit the same Red-shouldered Hawk nest as seen at the beginning of April in Orlando,
FL. (See previous trip by clicking "next page" below.) Three chicks! They had such good parents who
brought worms and frogs  - exactly what every little one wants to munch on!
5/1/10 White Clay Creek SP, DE Saw lots of birds but only captured a little Common Yellowthroat . Two of
them chased each other around a swampy area for 45 minutes and were still deciding who would get the
nest area when we left. What a beautiful summer day! Also, a Northern Flicker and Carolina Chickadee .
4/28/10 Going back to Florida trip 4/26-29, it is all about two nest sites found: A Pileated Woodpecker nest
hole (no chicks peeking out yet) and the three fast growing Red-shoulder Hawk chicks still in the nest but
flexing those wings! The adults defended their nest against a poor unsuspecting Red-tailed Hawk but
didn't bother the Swallowtailed Kite that gave a grand appearance.
5/1/10 Checking out Brandywine Creek SP, DE we found a gorgeous Prairie Warbler . Following our 3x rule
- We had to leave it as it seemed like we were bothering it. A Red-tailed Hawk showed up with a catch, and
a Northern Rough-winged Swallow pair sat on the wire behind us and were fair game for a shot!
5/2/10 White Clay Creek SP, PA had a Chipping Sparrow pair and an Eastern Bluebird pair attempting to
find all the grubs and worms in the area. A Baltimore Oriole showed up along with an Eastern Kingbird .
5/5/10 Pike Creek area, DE : A Carolina Chickadee pair was being observed making a nest together. (Click
'next page' below to see more.) Here they are exhibiting a feeding ritual. A House Wren showed up with
its mate and was very interested in the real estate. (After a week long trip, we returned to find the wrens
had moved in and the chickadees had to find a home elsewhere.  Sure didn't seem fair after all the work
the little chickadees had done to the place - hope they found a better spot!)