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11/26 - 11/28/20 Florida Keys, FL:  What fun it was to head to the Keys for a few days to try for some
rarities.  We saw: Magnficent Frigatebird , Cuban Pewee , Black-faced Grassquit , White-crowned Pigeon ,
Red-legged Thrush , Swainson's Hawk , and Short-tailed Hawk (dark phase) .

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11/26 - 11/28/20 Florida Keys, FL:  It seemed that American Kestrel individuals were everywhere.  Also:
Palm Warbler , Anhinga , Peregrine Falcon , and Black-and-white Warbler .
11/26 - 11/28/20 Florida Keys, FL:  Yellow-throated Vireo , White Ibis (juv., ad.),  Prairie Warbler , Palm
Warbler , Red-breasted Merganser , Swainson's Hawk , and Yellow-rumped Warbler .