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10/29-31/20 We zoomed out to Arizona to attempt to spot the Eared Qutzel and the Northern Jacana being
seen and then stopped by Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area and Chiricahua National Monument, AZ on the
way back.  We camped under the full moon in perfect weather - really lovely!
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10/31/20 Chiricahua National Monument and surroundings, AZ:  On our last day, we caught some Scaled
Quail feeding in the early morning light.  Also: A Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk and another individual in flight ,
Pyrrhuloxia , Canyon Towhee , a distant juvenile Golden Eagle , Vesper Sparrow , Cactus Wren , Bushtit
flock , and Bridled Titmouse .   The rock formations at the national monument were amazing.