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9/18 to 9/26/20 Northeast Florida:  We spent a few mornings checking out Amelia Island, FL:  
Yellow-throated Warbler , Tennessee Warbler (many coming through), Red-bellied Woodpecker , Northern
Parula , Northern Mockingbird , Clapper Rail , Cape May Warbler , Black-throated Blue Warbler ,
Chestnut-sided Warbler (just for the record as they are not often seen in county), Brown Thrasher ,
Carolina Chickadee , Belted Kingfisher , and Snowy Egret .
9/18 to 9/26/20  Fort Clinch, FL:  Willet and Ruddy Turnstone studies.  Also: Royal Tern , Laughing Gull ,
Greater Black-backed Gull , Sandwich Tern , and Sanderling .
9/28/20 Amelia Island, Florida:  Tricolored Heron images with showy reflections was a treat.  Also: Snowy
Egret .