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11/10/20/19 Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, FL: A stunning day of gorgeous light!  Two Osprey landed with fish
and began their feasts.  Also: Eastern Bluebird , Downy Woodpecker , Common Ground-Dove , Carolina
Chickadee , Northern Cardinal , Gray Catbird , Eastern Phoebe , Yellow-rumped Warbler , Brown-headed
Cowbird , and a Black Vulture duo being chummy.
11/1/2019 Okefenokee NWR, GA : Another day of gorgeous light!  Northern Parula , White-eyed Vireo ,
Rose-breasted Grosbeak pair , Pileated Woodpecker , Gray Catbird , Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker .
11/4/2019 Big Talbot, FL : Dunlin study , Snowy Egret , Greater Yellowlegs , and Mottled Duck .