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9/18/19 to 10/5/19 Heading out west, we flew first to San Diego area (Salton Sea, Catalina Island, Botanical
Gardens and other parks), and then to Seattle, WA area to Owl.  We traveled over to Victoria, then down
to Olympic NP and Mount Rainier NP.  After that, we birded around Portland and all over Washington State
with a terrific owl guide.  We had an awesome trip with great weather and picked up some birds we had
never seen before!  
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9/23/19 San Diego area and Catalina Island, CA:  A Bushtit flock found food right in front of the lens and
continued to return and give us looks.  We found the reported Black-throated Magpie-Jay and had fun
watching this gorgeous bird flit its endless tail around the park as it foraged for food.  Also:
Black-crowned Night-Heron and Allen Hummingbird / Rufous Hummingbird.
9/23/19 Catalina Island, CA:  A special thanks to Van Madding who showed us where the Spotted Dove
liked to hang!  Appreciated it, Van!  Also: Acorn Woodpecker.