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3/2619 Walking Box Ranch, south LV, NV:  On our last day in the area, we traveled south into the desert
which, by the way, was in bloom and just stunning.  We were able to catch a Bendire's Thrasher sunning
itself, and as always, it was great fun to see birds we don't usually catch in Florida:  Ash-throated
Flycatcher , male Northern Flicker (red shafted), Horned Lark , Gilded Flicker (recorded yellow underside
tho she, or her nest site was being stalked by the male NOFL) , and House Finch.  Then we were treated
to a Red-tailed Hawk show where three adults interacted around a catch.  (Unfortunately our camera/or
lens hadn't equilibrated to the new temperature but it was exciting to watch.)  Then: Common Raven and
Black-throated Sparrow.

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