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3/15/19  Okefenokee NWR, GA:  It was rather quiet for migration - probably because of the burns in the
area and we only saw one Red-cockaded Woodpecker.  We did catch a Bachman's Sparrow singing his
heart out.  Also: Brown-headed Nuthatch , Chipping Sparrow , Northern Flicker digging a nest hole (we did
not want to get too close and disturb his nesting), and Northern Parula male singing.  Lots of turtles were

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3/23/19+3/24/19 Red Rocks and Henderson Wetlands, LV, NV:  While visiting family, we spent two
mornings here in great light.  The hardest bird to catch was the Crissal Thrasher.  We also saw: Verdin ,
Northern Shoveler , Northern Rough-winged Swallow , Juniper Titmouse, Gambel's Quail , Costa's
Hummingbird , Common Goldeneye , Spotted Towhee , Western (Woodhouse's) Scrub-Jay , and
White-breasted Nuthatch .