We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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3/6/19 Fort Myer's area and Ding Darling NWR, FL:  On the way back from Miami (Click on NEXT PAGE
below), we took in a bit of birding.  On a bright and beautiful morning, we were able to see a number of
Burrowing Owl individuals at various sites around a busy neighborhood.  They were precious to see and
seemed to be surviving in the bustling development.  A BIG, BIG thanks to those helping to protect them!  
Below:  A Burrowing Owl study.  
3/6/19 Key West and Ding Darling NWR, FL:  A late start still gave us Brown Pelican , Spotted Sandpiper ,
Great White Heron (Great Blue Heron,  White Morph), Double-crested Cormorant , Eurasian Collared-
Dove , White Pelican, Osprey on nest, White Ibis , Turkey Vulture , and Snowy Egret .
3/10/19  Fort Clinch, Amelia island, FL:  Caught a few birds including a Yellow-throated Warbler ,
White-eyed Vireo munching on a moth , Willet , Ruddy Turnstone , Ring-billed Gull , a juvenile
Red-shouldered Hawk drying its wings, and Cedar Waxwing .