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1/6/19 to 1/13/19 Texas and Arizona:  We decided to start the new year off right with catching some life
birds!  On the spur of the moment, we took off to the Rio Grande, TX, taking in Bentson-Rio Grande Valley
State Park, National Butterfly Center, Frontera Audubon Society Reserve, Santa Ana NWR, and Estero
Llano Grande State Park wetlands.  Goal birds were the Hook-billed Kite and the Golden-crowned Warbler
- success!  Then it was on to Madera Canyon, AZ and environs for the newly recorded White-throated
Thrush.  We were also looking for and found the Rufous-capped Warbler and Lewis's Woodpecker!  On
the way back, we stopped quickly to see the Rufous-backed Robin being seen outside San Antonio - yes,
but horrible pics.  We saw so many other unfamiliar birds and beautiful scenery such as the stop at
Whitewater Draw Wildlife Refuge near Wilcox, AZ where we witnessed thousands of Sandhill Cranes
descending from the sky to roost.  It was an awesome trip!  

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1/13/19  Whitewater Draw, AZ:  On the way back to Florida, we stopped here and just had a blast!  Loved
the Northern Harrier show.   Also:  Green-winged Teal , Green-tailed Towhee , Northern Shoveler ,
Northern Pintail , Great Horned Owl , and Cactus Wren .  The beauty of the Sandhill Crane flock swirling
and calling simply could not be captured by us.  It was spectacular and we weren't even there at sunrise
or sunset when it must really be something to see.  Final pics are of baths - fun to watch!
1/13/19  Whitewater Draw, AZ:  A few other birds of interest tho we did not catch well:  Brewer's Sparrow ,
Pyrrhuloxia , Red-tailed Hawk (intermediate), Song Sparrow , and a flock of snow geese.
1/13/19  Whitewater Draw, AZ:  Black-throated Sparrow , White-crowned Sparrow , Vesper Sparrow ,
juvenile male Vermilion Flycatcher , Curve-billed Thrasher , and Say's Phoebe .