We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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12/15/18 to 12/18/18:  Camping the Florida midlands:  We slept to smiling stars and a Barred Owl party - OK,
it was a hoot!  Red-shouldered Hawk (ad. FL sub sp., juv.), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , Limpkin , Pied-billed
Grebe pair , Eastern Phoebe , Little Blue Heron hunting and juv., Chipping Sparrow , Anhinga , Wild Turkey
, Green Heron , American Crow , and a Crested Caracara looking forward to spring.  Click on NEXT PAGE
below for more images from this trip.
12/22/18:  Little Talbot, FL: Smooth-billed Ani rarity was being seen there.  Very Skittish but one does not
need playbacks to see it.
12/26/18:  Denver, CO:  We had a half hour one dark, foggy morning to catch the Pink-footed Goose being
seen in a Denver park lake.  It was about 18 degrees and we were freezing our little Florida fingers off.  
Our hearts fell when we came to the huge lake where THOUSANDS of Canada Geese were resting and
more were flying into the fog.  There was NO way we were going to find this goose.  Said a little prayer.  
On a second look, suddenly, we spotted it!   It was the closest bird in the whole lake.  A sweet Christmas
present from above!     Also: Greater White-fronted Goose and Common Goldeneye .