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11/29/18:  Amelia Island, FL:  It is wonderful to see a Red Knot flock in migration.  Unfortunately, as these
were being taken, a dog off the leash was chasing birds on the beach and scared these shy, tired
visitors away.  Also: Forster's Tern , Ring-billed Gull , Sanderling , Sandwich Tern, and playful waves.  
11/27 and 11/28/18:  Southern GA and Amelia Island, FL:  We had to be out in the beautiful weather!  A
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker foursome was flitting through the trees but we only caught one.  A sweet little
White-eyed Vireo and Ruby-crowned Kinglet hung around for us though.  Also: Pileated Woodpecker ,
Red-bellied Woodpecker , Mallard (male, eclipse), Canada Goose study (we seem to have a small flock
on island), Anhinga , Gray Catbird , and Great Egret .
12/7/18:  Amelia Island, FL:  Our Black Skimmer flocks are back!  Such interesting birds to watch.  Also:
Sanderling , Hooded Merganser , Northern Mockingbird (controlling the berries), and Tufted Titmouse .
12/12/18:  Amelia Island and surroundings, FL:  American Avocet study - 2 adults and a juvenile - these
are glorious birds!  Also: Northern Shoveler (m, non-breeding m, f) , Blue-winged Teal , Reddish Egret,
Osprey, Lesser Yellowlegs , Dunlin flock in flight , Marbled Godwit (unusual visitor) , Short-billed
Dowitcher , and Snowy Egret group.