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8/28/18 to 9/9/18:  We were fortunate enough to head to Ecuador for two weeks!  We flew into Quito,
headed up to Tandayapa, then drove east to Milpe, west to Guango Lodge, and back to Quito.  It was a
fantastic trip and we are now finished with sorting the wonderful hummingbirds etc....  Here is a sample
of some of the spectacular birds we saw:  
Sword-billed Hummingbird , Toucan Barbet , Lyre-tailed Nightjar , Red-headed Barbet , Giant
Hummingbird , Moustached Antpitta , Golden Tanager , Golden-naped Tanager , Ochre-striped Antpitta ,
Andean Cock-of-the-Rock , Black-tailed Trainbearer , Black-capped Tanager , Andean Emerald , Collared
Inca , Barred Fruiteater , Dark-backed Wood-Quail , the rare Spectacled Bear , Slate-throated Redstart ,
Sparkling Violetear , Long-wattled Umbrellabird , Long-tailed Sylph , Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan ,
Tawny Antpitta , White-bellied Woodstar , White-capped Dipper , Choco Toucan , White-necked Jacobin ,
Flame-faced Tanager , and Violet-tailed Sylph .  Click on NEXT PAGE below to go back in time....