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7/1/18 to 7/12/18:  Huguenot Memorial Park, JAX, FL:  Brown Pelican chicks are growing and are easier to
photograph as they peer above the rims of the nests.  The parents regurgitate fish and the tiny chicks
feed on it at the bottom of their nests.  Afterwards, the parents can be seen cleaning it up.  Both parents
are taking care of the young and it is fun to watch the changing of the guard.  The adults continue to fix
and build up their nests - it is amazing what they can do with their long, awkward bills.  It is a treat to have
the colony here this year and we hope they are successful!
7/1/18 to 7/12/18:  Huguenot Memorial Park, JAX, FL:  Royal Tern with young.  Laughing Gulls are always
trying to steal the fish the parents bring in for their chicks, so the adults have to feed them fast!  It is
interesting to see the parents herd the mass of chicks down to the water.  Also shown: Laughing Gull with
"teen" juvenile still begging.