We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
9/14+15 Delaware is still popping: A Rose-breasted Grosbeak (2 imm males) were seen along with a
beautiful White-breasted Nuthatch , a baby Song Sparrow , an American Robin , a Hairy Woodpecker , a
Northern Waterthrush , and a friendly Northern Flicker .
9/18/09 We visited Pt. Pelee, Canada as a short side trip and found the hiking and scenery wonderful. It
was a  Sharp-shinned Hawk fest with a few Coopers (no good pics) and a great look at a Northern Harrier
right above us. Wild Turkey flocks lined the road in the early morning. Have to go back in the spring!
9/24/09 Had to go and try to capture the little guys before the colder weather sends all the warblers south.
Had some luck with a gorgeous Black-throated Green Warbler . What a cutie! Gray Catbird photos from
various dates are shown and a skulking Norther Cardinal showed itself long enough for a snapshot.
9/20-25 An hour each day keeps the doctor away! Some Delaware shots from the week: a Palm Warbler , a
Black-throated Green Warbler (more below) , a Cedar Waxwing family , a Blackpoll Warbler , an American
Goldfinch, a Gray Catbird munching on berries, a House Sparrow flock (m&f) , a House Wren, and a
beautiful Monarch Butterfly who posed nicely. What great weather!
9/26/09 A quick trip down Rt 9 DE to Cedar Swamp, Bombay Hook, and back to Ashland yielded some photo
opportunities with a Red-eyed Vireo , a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , and a Northern Harrier .