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4/27/18 to 5/3/18: FLORIDA:  We traveled down the east coast of Florida to Key West, and then took the
ferry to Dry Tortugas, FL, where we camped for three nights.  We are still astounded by what we all saw!  
Mangrove Cuckoo, Wurdemann's Great Blue Heron, warblers galore, and an American Flamingo as well!
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4/28,29/2018 :  The Florida Keys, FL:   Since we do not use tapes, what a treat it was to see a Mangrove
Cuckoo out in the open.  It was a thrill to see it hunt along the edge of the mangroves.  Then, a
Wurdemann's Great Blue Heron showed up and caught a fish for us.  A white morph was also seen
(unfortunately backlit).  Also shown: Gray Kingbird , Black-whiskered Vireo , and Black-and-white Warbler .