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11/16-23/2017 :  We were in Trinidad and Tobago for too short a time!  (But still we had tons of pics to go
through.)  The islands and the people were lovely and the birds simply AMAZING.  Here is a sampling:  In
the Asa Wright Nature Park, we saw the  Bearded Bellbird , Oilbird , Silver-beaked Tanager ,
Orange-winged Parrot , Green-backed Trogon , Collared Trogon , Long-billed Starthroat , Blue-chinned
Saphire , Purple Honeycreeper ,  White-bearded Manakin , and Tufted Coquette .   Nariva Swamp offered
us  a White-headed Marsh Tyrant and a Pied Water Tyrant, Aplomado Falcon , Yellow-hooded Blackbird,
and Yellow-headed Caracara.  We saw the American Pygmy Kingfisher in the Caroni Swamp with the
astonishing Scarlet Ibis , Masked Cardinal , and Boat-billed Heron .  Tobago gave us the White-tailed
Nightjar , Rufous-tailed Jacamar , Trinidad Motmot , Red-crowned Woodpecker , Rufous-breasted Hermit ,
while Little Tobago was home to the Red-billed Tropicbird .
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