We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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10/1-20/2017 :  Amelia Island, FL:  Second, a juvenile Little Blue Heron study as there were a few feeding in
a pond on the island.
10/1-20/2017 :  Amelia Island, FL:  Then: Eastern Phoebe , American Redstart, Northern Parula , Northern
Cardinal , Tufted Titmouse , Swamp Sparrow (1st winter), Red-bellied Woodpecker , Mourning Dove
(Nesting?) and a distant Solitary Sandpiper.  Glorious sunrises seem to be always just a day away.
10/1-20/2017 :  Amelia Island, FL:  Migration is in full swing.  Yes, we always miss more than we catch but it
is still great fun to be out in the field trying.  First, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and White-eyed Vireo
individuals coming down to warmer climes for the winter.  Also: Orange-crowned Warbler, Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher , and Painted Bunting (f).
10/1-20/2017 :  Amelia Island, FL:  Lastly,  a Snowy Egret study , along with a Red-winged Blackbird , White
Ibis , and an Osprey chowing down a fish. Also Northern Mockingbird and palm Warbler .