We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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8/13 and 15/2017 : Amelia Island, FL:  A Little Blue Heron was hunting in a quiet pool and caught a huge
dragonfly among other things.  Also:  Red-bellied Woodpecker , Mourning Dove , and Blue-Gray
Gnatcatcher . The butterflies were out in force!
8/21/2017 :  On our way to the Orlando Airport to fly to CO (Pics coming soon!), we stopped at Merritt
Island and Viera Wetlands, FL for any birds to be seen (and caught an 85% max shot of the total solar
eclipse):  Great Blue Heron , Osprey , imm. Green Heron , Crested Caracara feeding a juvenile , White
Ibis , Belted Kingfisher , Tricolored Heron , and Anhinga .  The butterflies could not be ignored!