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4/3/2017 A great trip out to Las Vegas, NV, to see family also allowed us to bird some of the watering holes.
Henderson Birding Preserve and Corn Creek Reserve:  Costa's Hummingbird nest (Male is from last year,
included for interest's sake as we were unable to catch a decent picture of him this trip.)
4/3/2017 Las Vegas, NV:  Henderson Birding Preserve and Corn Creek Reserve:  Yellow-rumped Warbler
(Audubon), Ruby-crowned Kinglet , Redhead pair , Eared Grebe , Gadwall , Phainopepla , Mourning Dove ,
Lucy's Warbler , Great-tailed Grackle , Cooper's Hawk , and Cassin's Vireo .
4/3 and 4/11/2017 (SCROLL DOWN PAGE FOR LAS VEGAS, NV.)  Back in NE Florida:  Along the shore we
picked up a Whimbrel , a fighting Laughing Gull pair (breeding plumage is so striking), and a Short-billed
Dowitcher with a group of Dunlins.   Royal Terns were showing up along with a Ring-billed Gull, a Herring
Gull, and two juvenile Greater Black-backed Gulls chasing each other.  Also: a Black-bellied Plover just
beginning to molt.  Then, near Yulee, a young Bald Eagle was about to fledge and we again thank Bill and
Jo for inviting us over to share the sights.  It also looks like a Great Blue Heron nest is in the making
nearby.  How cool is Spring!