We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
5/12/09 Had to run down and check out the scene near Delaware City, DE where the habitat is great for the
Yellow-breasted Chat and Indigo Bunting. Sure enough, they were there with a Yellow Warbler who posed
nicely for the camera.
5/13/09 A couple of short forays over to WCC State Park, DE yielded some great birds for us. A Barred Owl
(tho a very sleepy one) is always fun to see, as was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird sitting on a nest! We
saw a Yellow-throated Vireo while a Canada Warber was foraging hungrily and gobbled down a spider.
5/13/09 A Red-tailed Hawk with a snake was attacked by two crows right over our deck. Unfortunately, our
image stabilizer was off in our rush to catch the picture!  Still, caught some of the action.
5/17/09 The morning of our son's graduation (YEAH!) we (no laggards ourselves) were out bright and early
taking pictures in Henderson, NV.  WOW!  We were hoping for a Black-chinned hummingbird and it was the
first bird we saw - a lovely little fellow who posed nicely. We saw Gadwall , Cinnamon Teal , Redhead ,
Eared Grebe , and a male Verdin feeding its chicks at the nest (which is of an interesting construction).
Just about everything was in flower.  A Marsh Wren was singing as White-faced Ibis flew overhead.  Our
outing ended with a Greater Roadrunner showing up!
5/16/09 Early morning found us out at Corn Creek Bird Preserve, NV where we spotted Western Tanager ,
Black-chinned Hummingbird (a few) ,  and Lucy's Warbler (a number were singing). We will post more pics
from here later. We ventured onward up into the mountains and saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler , A
Western Scrub-Jay , a Townsend's Warbler and a Green-tailed Towhee. Back in Henderson, NV, we saw
many Ruddy Duck interacting, an Eared Grebe displaying , and a Black Phoebe.