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9/18+19/2016  Amelia Island, FL:  First, a male Painted Bunting study (and 1 female).  Then: Osprey with a
fish (many young Osprey are coming through on migration), Northern Mockingbird families with young,
Northern Cardinal , Mourning Dove (and 1 in molt) , Brown Thrasher , and Black Skimmer .
9/23+24/2016  Viero Wetlands, FL:  One highlight was definitely a friendly King Rail that allowed us to
watch him hunt in very nice light.  Also: Green Heron , Common Yellowthroat , Common Gallinule
(Common Moorhen) with a chick (It was fun to observe the little one being fed.), Little Blue Heron ,
Northern Mockingbird , Common Grackle pair at sunrise which was spectacular, Black-bellied Whistling
Duck , Anhinga , Sandhill Crane (with juvenile), and White Ibis flock in flight at sunrise .