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6/14/2016 thru 7/1/2016   We traveled to Las Vegas, NV  -  on to Lone Pine, CA -  then to San Diego, CA  -
and to Santa Cruz Island, CA (for the endemic Island Scrub-Jay) -  up to San Francisco, CA - and finally out
to Denver, CO .  It was a great trip to see family and we also picked up some life birds for us .
6/29/2016  Mt. Evans, CO :  On the last day of the trip we tried high elevations and found Brown-capped
Rosy-Finch , White-crowned Sparrow , Cordilleran Flycatcher (below timberline) and American Pipit .
6/29/2016  Mt. Evans, CO :  For nature lovers:  Other highlights were the mammals on the mountain and
the gorgeous but fragile tundra flowers!