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2/17-25/2016  A wonderful camping trip took us south to the Everglades National Park, FL.  From there, we
wandered north via various parks.  We caught a Buff-bellied Hummingbird near Homestead, nesting
Osprey and a Great White Heron in the Everglades, American Bittern at Green Cay, and hunting Snail
Kites at Indian River Wetlands among many other birds.  (Click NEXT PAGE below for more...)
2/17-25/2016 Indian River Wetlands, FL:   Snail Kites were a feast for the eyes (and lens) as they soared,
hovered, then dove with great intent to snatch those zippy snails from the water before they got away.  
First, a lovely Sandhill Crane nest on the still water of the marsh.  
2/17-25/2016 Indian River Wetlands and Ft. Pierce Area, FL:   A Black-crowned Night-Heron had caught a
huge salamander(?) and Blue-winged Teal pairs were flying about.  We initially called this a Common
Grackle as the tail was so short but believe it is the Florida Boat-tailed Grackle with the dark eye.  Also,
Mottled Duck, Eastern Phoebe, and a gorgeous setting for butterfly and flower duet.
2/17-25/2016 Indian River Wetlands and Ft. Pierce Area, FL:   Florida Scrub Jay study.  Also, Glossy Ibis ,
Tricolored Heron with Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret , Little Blue Heron hunting , Green Heron with
reflection, Ring-necked Duck , Tricolored Heron , and Great Blue Heron in flight.