We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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2/13-14/2016  Fort Clinch SP, Amelia Island, FL:  We heard a Common Eider had been seen and had to try
for it.  The bird came right to us!   Lovely.  Northern Gannet (juv and ad) were also flying by.  Also seen,
American Pipit (flock of 30), Eastern Bluebird pair (brilliant!), Bonaparte's Gull , Western Kingbird ,
Yellow-rumped Warbler , Black Skimmer foursome in flight, and a distant Sanderling / Ruddy Turnstone
mixed flock off the jetty.   Happy Valentine's Day!
2/13-14/2016  Okefenokee NWR, GA:  A gorgeous but very cold morning found us in the swamp catching a  
Red-shouldered Hawk , Pileated Woodpecker (with wood chips flying) , Red-bellied Woodpecker ,
Red-cockaded Woodpecker , Red-headed Woodpecker , Brown-headed Nuthatch , Belted Kingfisher ,
Anhinga , Eastern Bluebird , and numerous Turkey Vulture individuals coasting on the breeze.