We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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1/21-26/16 Gainesville, FL:   Another treat for us was to see a Sandhill Crane flock gathered in a field and
interacting.  Unfortunately our camera wasn't working well at that moment but we still caught some
interesting pics.
1/21/16 Gainesville, FL:   Some typical marsh birds are shown here:  Common Moorhen acting up ,
Carolina Wren , American Coot , Glossy Ibis , Great Blue Heron , Little Blue Heron , Northern Shoveler ,
Pied-billed Grebe , Double-crested Cormorant , and a Red-shouldered Hawk checking out the marsh.  
Also shown: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , Blue-winged Teal (f,m) , and Snowy Egret .
1/21-26/16 Gainesville, FL:  A Bald Eagle was scaring up the marsh ducks and gave us a flyby.
1/21-26/16  A camping trip took us to Western Florida via Gainesville, FL.   ( Click on NEXT PAGE below for
Sora and Virginia Rail.)
1/23/16 West coast area around Suwannee, FL:  Common Goldeneye (f), Brown Pelican , Horned Grebe ,
Red-breasted Merganser with Ring-necked Duck , a leucistic Semipalmated Plover , Little Blue Heron (ad
+ white imm.), Lesser Scaup (m+f) , and Black Vulture .