We will post some of our favorite, more recent pictures here first!
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12/20/15  A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to All!   Amelia Island, Fl:  Found a wonderful little flock
moving through the trees on this brilliant morning.   What a splendid present!  Ruby-crowned Kinglet,
White-eyed Vireo , Yellow-bellied Sapsucker , Yellow-throated Warbler , Yellow-rumped Warbler (many),
Red-bellied Woodpecker , Northern Mockingbird ,  Downy Woodpecker , Northern Cardinal (m,f) , a
Chipping Sparrow flock , Black-and-white Warbler , Blue-gray Gnatcatcher , and a Carolina Chickadee .
1/1/16  It was great to get out birding early New Year's Day even if it was only a brief trip.  Jekyll Island and
Okefenokee Swamp, GA: Yellow-rumped Warbler , Royal Tern , Ring-billed Gull , Herring Gull , Brown
Pelican and Black Skimmer flocks in flight , Dunlin , Hermit Thrush , Red-shouldered Hawk , Common
Yellowthroat already singing, and a Gray Catbird .
1/3/16  Glad we got out while the weather was beautiful for photography as we have had rather gray
weather since!  A few brief stops around Amelia Island, FL:  Downy Woodpecker , Anhinga , Great Egret ,
Turkey Vulture , Snowy Egret , Red Knot flock at dawn , and a Northern Mockingbird with breakfast.
1/12-16/16  Amelia Island, FL:  The rain never lasts for long here.  Around the island and in the area we
picked up an American Wigeon , House Finch (f,m) , Mallard (or poss. Black Duck Hybrid?), Song Sparrow ,
Northern Cardinal , juv. White Ibis , Wood Stork on a foggy morning, and Yellow-rumped Warbler .