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9/3 thru 9/22/2015    We flew into San Francisco, CA and, after visiting with family, traveled up the coast to
Crescent City, CA near the Oregon border.  While we birded mostly on the coast, we did venture inland
to such places as Pinnacles National Park and the amazing redwood forests found in northern California.  
One great day was spent on a pelagic trip with Shearwater Journeys (Thanks Debi and all!) watching
whales and seeing tons of birds, many of which we don't get to see on the East Coast.
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9/19+20/2015  Crescent City, CA:  The coast, redwoods, and parks were impressive!  Pacific-slope
Flycatcher , Golden-crowned Sparrow , Spotted Towhee , Yellow Warbler , Savannah Sparrow , Pacific
Wren (We saw them everywhere but they seemed difficult to photograph.)  Wrentit , Hermit Thrush ,
Cackling Goose (We found a small flock tho we were early in the season.)  Brown Pelican , and a young
Black Phoebe .
9/21/2015 San Francisco, CA:  The last day was spent around the marshlands near the city.  Bewick's Wren,
American Avocet , Black-necked Stilt , Bushtit (The flock found a steady stream of ants on a branch.),
Clark's Grebe , California Gull , Eared Grebe , Greater Yellowlegs , Green-winged Teal , Northern
Shoveler , Short-billed Dowitcher , and Snowy Egret .
9/3 to 9/22/2015  Scenery pics along the way from the Monterey Aquarium to Crescent City, CA: