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9/3 thru 9/22/2015    We flew into San Francisco, CA and, after visiting with family, traveled up the coast to
Crescent City, CA near the Oregon border.  While we birded mostly on the coast, we did venture inland
to such places as Pinnacles National Park and the amazing redwood forests found in northern California.  
One great day was spent on a pelagic trip with Shearwater Journeys (Thanks Debi and all!) watching
whales and seeing tons of birds, many of which we don't get to see on the East Coast.
9/9/15  Shearwater Journeys Pelagic Trip departed from Monterey, CA.  It was an amazing trip where we
not only saw a huge number of birds but also watched whales, dolphins, and sea otters feed (See below).
Shown here: a Pink-footed Shearwater study of various individuals , Northern Fulmar , Heerman's Gull ,
Brown Pelican , Brandt's Cormorant , and Black-footed Albatross .  Inserted,  a Black-crowned
Night-Heron from the docks! Then: Sooty Shearwater including a leucistic  individual , Western Gull (also
with sunfish) and Common Murre .
9/9/15  Shearwater Journeys Pelagic Trip departed from Monterey, CA.  Some of the more distant birds
sighted: Rhinoceros Auklet , Sabine's Gull , Red-necked Phalarope flock, Long-tailed Jaeger , Fork-tailed
Storm-Petrel , Buller's Shearwater , a Parasitic Jaeger chasing an Elegant Tern , Black-vented Shearwater ,
and Laysan Albatross .
9/9/15  Shearwater Journeys Pelagic Trip departed from Monterey, CA.  The mammals put on quite a show!