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8/15+16/2015 Amelia Island, FL:  A couple of Loggerhead Sea Turtle excavations yielded two live
hatchlings; they were anxious, of course, to make it to the water where we saw them come up often to
breathe. On 8/16 We had a leucistic hatchling and 4 live ones at another nest site.  Thanks again to Amelia
Island Sea Turtle Watch gang who make the excavations public and take the time to inform the public!  
Also shown: our own dune Gopher Tortoise, who prefers land, thank you very much!
8/11/2015 Huguenot and Amelia Island, FL: Migration in progress!  What fun!  Roseate Spoonbill (mostly
juv), American Oystercatcher , Little Blue Heron (juv), Black-bellied Plover , Sandwich Tern (and juv),
Whimbrel , and Wood Stork .
8/16/2015 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL:  Osprey are migrating and offered us some poses.  ALso,
Whimbrel , Semipalmated Sandpiper , Sandwich Tern , Ruddy Turnstone , and a Lesser Black-backed Gull
who, after showing us its nice yellow legs, promptly lay down and went to sleep.
8/16/2015 Huguenot Memorial Park, FL:  This was fun to watch.  Normally, a parent Royal Tern will swoop in
with the catch and it vanishes almost instantaneously down the young one's gullet.  This incoming shrimp
was a bit awkward, however, and the parent took a fun few seconds to transfer the food to its young.