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7/1/2015 Las Vegas, NV, USA:  On the way back to FL, we stopped to visit family and also did some birding,
of course.  On the last day, we headed to the nearby mountains and caught a Greater Roadrunner with
two young ones!  A very unique bird to watch and later we saw another in a tree.  Also, Crissal Thrasher ,
juvenile Black-throated Sparrow , Ash-throated Flycatcher , Juniper Titmouse , Ladder-backed
Woodpecker , Loggerhead Shrike , Phainopepla , and Western Scrub-jay , all near a watering hole.
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7/14/2015 FL, USA:  A Swallow-tailed Kite fest was happening north of Orlando and it was quite a sight to
see.  Hundreds of kites took to the air.  Also, 7/12/15 Amelia Island, Fl:  Northern Cardinal , Common
Ground-Dove , White-eyed Vireo , and Wilson's Plover .