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5/14/2015  Okefenokee Swamp, GA:  Two Barred Owls were sighted - that was a treat - and they were not
bothered by us - a greater treat!  Also, a Blackpoll in breeding plumage, a family of young Blue-gray
Gnatcatchers being fed high in the trees, (nesting Least Tern from Amelia island, Fl), Great Crested
Flycatcher , Carolina Wren , Wood Duck in a tree, juvenile Yellow-throated Warbler , Northern Parula (juv,
ad, and juv being fed), and a distant intereaction between two Osprey.
5/23 + 28/2015  Amelia Island, FL:  As we rounded a bend on one of the beaches, it was fabulous to catch
an Osprey sitting on a post, eating a huge fish it had just caught.  It was hungry enough not to care about
us or the bothersome Northern Mockingbird that was making it quite clear the Osprey was not welcomed
in the neighborhood.  The mockingbird finally won.  After chowing down a good portion of the fish, the
Osprey made off with the rest of its meal  to eat it elsewhere in peace.  Also, Common Ground-Dove ,
Brown-headed Cowbird , Northern Cardinal , Royal Terns interacting , Redknot , Eastern Towhee (f), and
Brown Pelican .
From back in February,2015: A few late pics from Florida: Blue-headed Vireo , American Kestrel , Eastern
Meadowlark , Northern Cardinal , Pine Warbler, Sandhill Crane , White-eyed Vireo , and YRWA .